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NextGen Mentors Program
The 12 winners will participate in the mentoring program that will begin in December 2007 and will continue through March of 2008. Local mentors will be carefully screened and selected based on their education and professional background. Each mentee will be matched with a mentor who has experience in the QoL category of their winning entry or a background in technology. The goals of the Mentor Program are to:
  1. Guide the mentee to improve their critical thinking and apply towards their winning idea.
  2. Facilitate identification and access to approved links and other resources related to their idea and related QoL and technological considerations.
  3. Help motivate and develop the mentee to maximize their personal potential.

The mentors will be supported by an International Advisory Panel will be comprised of industry leaders within technology and the QoL categories. This panel will answer questions and assist mentors as well as post relevant information on the NextGen Leaders Network. Mentors must speak both Vietnamese and English. All mentoring activities will be conducted via the NextGen Awards website at www.NextGenAwards.org.

NextGen Leaderís Network
All 30 Finalists will have access to the Leaderís Network. The NextGen Leaders can contribute to bulletin boards, participate in brainstorming sessions and have the opportunity to collaborate with other talented and caring youth. In addition there will be peer-driven activities to develop new ideas and expand or customize current projects to other countries or sectors.

No personal information will be released.