Quality of Life Contest Categories

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Quality of Life (QoL) can be defined in many ways. At NextGen, we are talking about things and activities that aren't just dependent on money or how much someone owns or can buy. We are talking about things that are invaluable to people at all levels of society. The NextGen Awards 2007 Contest will be in three broad categories that are important to the quality of life for people in countries throughout the world and at all levels of society.

Although most ideas or projects may fit into more than one "quality of life" category, for judging and mentor matching purposes entries must be submitted in one of the following contest categories:


Improving health (including those with sight, hearing, mobility and aging limitations).

Here are some examples of organizations focused on Health Issues in Vietnam...

- CARE - Vietnam
- Family Health International
- Pathfinder International
- Plan International
- Doctors Without Borders
- Save the Children


Expanding education (including kids who are not in school or have limited time or access to learning).

Here are some examples of organizations focused on Education Issues in Vietnam...

- Save the Children
- Catholic Relief Services
- World Vision
- Education for Development
- Institute for International Education
- World Concern


Sustaining the environment (such as dealing with natural disasters, accessing clean water, building parks, preserving nature and architecture).

Here are some examples of organizations focused on Environment Issues in Vietnam...

- Winrock International
- The World Conservation Union
- People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) (in Vietnamese)
- World Wildlife Fund
- Enda Vietnam
- UNICEF Vietnam