How can YOU make a Difference

NextGen brings together the world's two most powerful catalysts for change: young people and mobile phones.

Today, mobile phone signals can reach over 80% of the world's population. By the end of 2007 there will be an estimated 2.5 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world and that doesn't even count those who borrow or share with others. There are more mobile phones than cars or PCs.

You don't need to read or write to be able to use a mobile phone, and it doesn't require water, roads or even your electric company to use. The "digital divide" still exists, but today it is more about HOW phones are used rather than lack of access. People at all levels of society, and in all countries, benefit directly or indirectly from even the most basic mobile phone technologies and services.

By the end of 2007, over 50% of all Internet users will access the Internet through mobile phones - with young people leading the pack. Young people are now the most active and innovative users of mobile phones. They are already far advanced in developing ways to use mobile phones for socialization, entertainment, games and commerce.

With inspiration and support, we believe that young people in all countries can play leading roles in extending the innovative and practical uses of mobile phones to help tackle critical Quality of Life (QoL) challenges,specifically in the NextGen Aawards Contest categories: health, education and environment. However, anyone - young or old - can become part of the NextGen community through the following programs:

  • The exciting national NextGen Awards® Contests to recognize talented and caring young people
  • The international NextGen Mentors Program to help winners expand on their ideas and personal potential
  • The international NextGen Leaders Network to link winners around the world and provide access to workshops, web dialogues, project expansion, peer collaboration and other NextGen activities.

April 2008

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The live broadcast of the NextGen Awards Gala was held December 8th at the Children's Palace in Hanoi. All 12 Stars were awarded and the 4 SuperStars were announced. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Check out the pics of the NextGen Awards Ambassadors and kick-off event in Vietnam.