Make a Difference

Do you care about bringing education to kids who are no longer in school? Helping preserve the environment? Cleaning up a local park or the pollution covering the horizon? Aiding folks who are stuck with big problems like a crippled foot or a flooded road. Or smaller ones like yet another traffic jam or a broken bike? What about improving health? Helping young and old who have never even seen a doctor or had access to clean water? What about the elderly who can't read, have bad eyes, or can't hear you?

Are you interested in "doing good" and not just "doing well"? If the answer is YES, then you're in the right place! That's what NextGen is all about.

How is NextGen helping to make a difference?

  • The exciting national NextGen Awards® Contests to recognize talented and caring young people
  • The international NextGen Mentors Program to help winners expand on their ideas and personal potential
  • The international NextGen Leaders Network to link winners around the world and provide access to workshops, web dialogues, project expansion, peer collaboration and other NextGen activities.

The first nationwide NextGen Awards® Contest will be held in Vietnam, open to young people ages 13-20. Click here for other NextGen contest country information.

April 2008

Click here for highlights of the NextGen Vietnam Initiative!

Click here to see more pics of the 2008 NextGen Awards Gala!

The live broadcast of the NextGen Awards Gala was held December 8th at the Children's Palace in Hanoi. All 12 Stars were awarded and the 4 SuperStars were announced. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Check out the pics of the NextGen Awards Ambassadors and kick-off event in Vietnam.