Contest Rules and Guidelines


Contest Entries can be submitted the following 3 ways:

  1. On-line at
  2. Mailed with postmarked by contest deadline to: Ms. Pham Quynh Anh, VietNamNet Media Group, 1st Floor, VietNamNet Tower, 4 Lang Ha Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
  3. Email to

ELIGIBILITY (Vietnam 2007)

  • Any girl or boy living in Vietnam, age 13-20 at the time of contest entry deadline, may enter.
  • Teams, as well as individual girls or boys, may enter.
  • Contest proposals may involve the use of any mobile phone technology, from the most basic to the most futuristic.
  • Entries must address one of the following contest categories: health, education, environment.
  • Entry forms may be submitted in local language through or in English through Click here for entry form.
  • All NextGen contestants or teams must designate a parent, legal guardian, local school or NGO representative as their Contest Advisor and include their Advisor information in the entry form. (Note: Although your designated Contest Advisor is only responsible for contestant age and data verification, if you’re one of the 12 NextGen finalists, the Contest Advisor will be honored at NextGen Awards ceremonies and receive a $200 award.) Please see Contest Advisor Information for more.


All 2007 Vietnam contest entries must be submitted in Vietnamese through or in English through by October 15, 2007.


See the Prizes and Awards page for more information on the cash prizes, Mentors Corner, and Leaders Network.


Contest entries will be based on age of Contestant or Team Leader (13-16 or 17-20). Please see the Scoring & Judging page for details on the judging processes and scoring criteria.

TEAMS (If you enter as a team):

  • A maximum of four additional people can be listed as members of your team (all of whom must be within age limit range at time of contest entry).
  • Only one person can be designated as Team Leader in the Contest Entry Form.

    Designated Team Leader must be:

  • Principal contact person for contest administrators, mentors and sponsors;
  • Responsible for determining fair distribution within the team of any prize money and other gift awards;
  • Represent (or designate) another team representative to participate in specified NextGen activities and events.

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