Awards and Prizes
(Vietnam 2007 Pilot Contest)


  • For the Vietnam 2007 Contest, the 30 finalists will receive $100 and honored on the websites.
  • 12 NextGen Stars (winners) will receive $500 and honored at in-country sponsored events and featured on NextGen's WINNERS SHOWCASE web page in English at and in Vietnamese at
  • 4 NextGen Stars will be awarded "NextGen SuperStar" status and will receive an additional $1,000 (total of $1500!).
  • The individual that each NextGen winner designated in their contest entry form as their local NextGen Contest Advisor will receive a $200 award.

NextGen Winners get more than just cash....!


Because NextGen is dedicated to mentoring as well as inspiring and rewarding talented and caring young people, all NextGen Stars will be matched with international NextGen Mentors to help them expand on their winning ideas and potential as individuals.


  • Opportunities to work collaboratively and brainstorm with other NextGen winners around the world.
  • Access to special NextGen on-line workshops, bulletin boards, chat rooms, IM and other NextGen interactive activities globally.
  • The NextGen Leaders Network also can help link winners with opportunities for additional development grants, scholarships or internships on a case-by-case basis.

National and International Recognition (Vietnam Pilot)

  • NextGen Stars and their Contest Advisors will be honored at a nationally televised Awards Ceremony at the Viet-Xo Friendship Palace in Hanoi.
  • NextGen's Vietnam Stars and their winning ideas will be showcased on NextGenAwards.Org and web sites and through links to key corporate and NGO sponsored web pages in their quality of life contest category.
  • Featured in print and on-line media articles.

April 2008

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The live broadcast of the NextGen Awards Gala was held December 8th at the Children's Palace in Hanoi. All 12 Stars were awarded and the 4 SuperStars were announced. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Check out the pics of the NextGen Awards Ambassadors and kick-off event in Vietnam.